"LOW CUT HEART" is amongst Kesha's vibrant pieces 2015


Kesha "Kiki" Broyhill has been painting for only four years. Not professionally trained, rather intuitively naturalistic in approach, her work defies categorization. It is for this reason there is a freshness and lack of contrivance in every nuanced brushstroke.

Born and raised in East Tennessee, Kesha served in the United States Armed Forces, and is the loving mother to a wonderful - and very creative little guy named Lucas - who though growing fast she still refers to as her 'midget".

Most of Kesha's pieces are for sale. To see the art up front and personal please email Kesha at: kikibroyhill@gmail.com


Raised in a Christian household, Kesha later became a devout Buddhist, and her Zen-like approach to content is evident within the subtext of her Art. More than a passing interest in Egyptology, deity and myth can be seen in her more representational work.

Stylistically Kesha explores textural juxtaposition, utilizing a combination of opaque and transluscent chromatic renderings that offer each piece an aesthetic resonance and subjective edge.

  • ISIT

    Goddess from the polytheistic pantheon was first worshiped in Ancient Egyptian religion.

  • Lotus Blossom

    Popular in Asian culture, this exquisite metallic simile takes on a it's own unique vibe.

  • Low Cut Heart

    The faceless figure with the mechanical interior -- all dressed up, nowhere to go.

  • Rose & Thicket

    The rose and thicket cling together in the vast ocean - like star crossed lovers, dependent on one another for survival...

  • Blue Moves

    An early entry into metallic medium and texture hints of brilliance to come.

  • Glass Wing

    The mirror shards offers an enticing energy to this winged icon, as it readies itself to fly to freedom.


The tree series has escalated the artist's foray into mixed media and texture. Through this simple organic metaphor, Ms. Broyhill explores the full gamut of human emotion with a her uncanny stylistic application of composition and color.

Of the collectable 8 entries only two remain available for sale.

  • Stain Tree

    Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's stained glass work, this early entry into the series celebrates Kesha's love for luminance and color.

  • Cool Plume

    The peacefulness of a frosty Winter day bathes the viewer in serenity.

  • Burning Man

    The desert heat radiates into the soul of this stark, vibrant organism.

  • Violet Roots

    Somber and ethereal, it's roots dig deep into the foundation of your psyche'.

  • Bradtree

    Framed in it's diamond cocoon, life eternal permeates from every hand painted leaf.

  • Copper Tree

    Electric combination of cool and warm metallic ignited by intricate raised texture creating an amazing eye-gasm.

What they're saying about Kesha...

"Her art is unique, instantly recognizable..."  Kurt Graves - Commercial Artist

"Pleasant, appealing to the eye, yet in a non cliched manner..."  James Yang - Illustrator

"An innate instinct for color..."  Kevin Potrzeba - Chicago Art Collector

 "A sense of depth and esoteric contemplation, even in her simplest pieces..."  Kelly Mulligan - Art Patron

 "The craft and nuance of her textures is something to behold..."  Tom Hensley - Art Patron

 "The tree series just keeps getting more interesting..."   Brad Case - Professor, University of Tennessee; Kesha Collector